H.E. Valdas Adamkus, former President of the Republic of Lithuania:

I still remember the words said by Tunne Kelam, one of the leaders of the Estonian national liberation movement, at the National Prayer Breakfast several years ago: “It is citizens that create the state, not the state that creates citizens. Good people create good governments, while evil-minded people create bad governments.”.

Andres Tolts, artist:

Tunne Kelam’s photographs show that he is not a pantheistic nature worshipper but rather a grateful Christian observer and participant in revelational communion. He shows us what he himself has seen. Kelam does not rework or crop his photographs. They are framed at the moment they are taken, ensuring authenticity and immediacy. This approach requires a very good sense of composition. Yet this is not a documentary but an aesthetic approach to the subject. He does not change anything. He merely selects part of what actually exists. Read more