10.03. 2011 Iran: confidence-building with Tehran's regime is no longer a realistic option. Tunne Kelam MEP

"Now that the EU is calling for an immediate end to the brutal Gaddafi dictatorship and insists on completely isolating him, the same should apply to the brutal and bloody Iranian regime", stated Tunne Kelam MEP after the debate on Iran in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

"Still having hopes for confidence-building is not a realistic option anymore, keeping in mind that Tehran has completely eroded its credibility as for the real goals of Iran's nuclear programme. Instead, the EU has to address the immense potential of people-led democratic change in Iran. This change cannot be imposed from outside. However, the EU's priority should be to take the side of these forces which have stood up since June 2009 for democracy and civil rights, extending to them our moral and political support", declared Mr Kelam

"Realising that Tehran's regime has, for a long time, been engaged in brutal repressions against its own citizens, comparable to those that have taken place in Libya and Belarus, the EU should prepare to blacklist those Iranian officials who can be considered directly responsible for such repressions", concluded Mr Kelam.

Tunne Kelam MEP also advocated for strict conditionality if meetings between respective parliamentary delegations should take place and for the support of the Farsi language Euronews broadcasts.