11.11. 2009 Tunne Kelam: New member states should have a representative in the new EU "troika"

In the debate on the results of the recent European Council, the EPP representative Tunne Kelam from Estonia made three observations:

First, with the Lisbon Treaty finally coming into force, the EU  will, more than ever, need an effective common foreign, security and energy policy, based on solidarity.  Only such common policies can prevent the concluding of further Schröder - Putin deals.

Second, in this new situation, we must realize how important it is continuously to have a strong European Commission that can take full responsibility for the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty.  The role of the future Commission must not be weakened by the creation of the new EU top offices. 

Third, we must summon the courage not just to consider portfolios but to propose and to support strong individuals with far-reaching vision and strong commitment to the continuity of the common European values. 

In order to successfully address enormous new challenges, the EU needs once again true European statesmen of the calibre of Adenauer, Schuman and de Gasperi.   We should actively seek such leaders, casting aside preconceptions and prejudices.  Such statesmen can be found as well in the new member states which certainly should be represented in the future EU "troika".