Regarding the Consequences of World War II in Europe. 11.05.2010

Since May 2005, when celebrations took place to mark 60 years from the end of the World War II in Europe, the debate on the full meaning and consequences of the victory over Nazi Germany has gathered momentum.  This debate was stimulated by the controversial move of the then Russian president Putin to celebrate the anniversary in Moscow on May 9th with the participation of all European leaders.  In 2005, the Estonian and Lithuanian presidents decided not to attend. 

The European Parliament reacted to these developments by initiating an independent debate on the consequences of WW II.  The debate took place on May 11th, 2005 and resulted in a EP resolution in which probably for the first time Europe-wide, the experiences and conclusions of the other half of Europe were represented. 

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Time to Take the Riddle Out of Russia 03.02.2009

The Moscow Times » Issue 4077 » Opinion

Europe's view of Russia frequently reflects misconceptions. Some Europeans hide behind Winston Churchill's famous -- but often misrepresented -- comment that Russia is a mystery, riddle and an enigma. Others adhere to a naive, visionary optimism about Moscow's understanding of democracy and the rule of law.
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The dangers of 'business as usual' with Russia 02.12.2008

EUOBSERVER / COMMENT - With EU-Russia talks now resuming, it appears that the European Union's Council and the European Commission are not willing or prepared to draw long term conclusions from Russia's large-scale use of military force against a sovereign neighbouring state.
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